Our services

Customer support

Our sales and technical team examine the customer’s project, the characteristics of the product and its production needs from the first request, suggesting the best feasible solution. Our staff is at the customer’s side until the final realization of the project. For the final evaluation, we give the customer the opportunity to perform production tests in our internal laboratory.

Tailor-made design.

All our lines can be customized, taking into account the customer’s production requirements.

On-site testing

All our machinery and systems are tested internally before shipment, organizing tests, not only empty but also with the customer’s final dough. At the request of the end-user of the line, the final test can be organized at the customer’s production plant.

Spare parts supply

We guarantee the supply of spare parts and provide after-sales technical assistance on all our machinery. In addition, through remote assistance, we can assist the customer at any time.