Make up tables

Production lines

Our work tables meet the needs of artisanal and industrial production. Considering the required production target, it is possible to make the better configuration.


Each machine can be customized according to the customer's needs.

Easy to use

The line control is made though a touch screen which ensures a simple application and recipes storage.

Customize your machine

Docker Roller

Product cutting rollers, oval, square, croissant

Cutting roller for swivel product

Cutting and marking axis

Cutting axis for woven product


Spreading blade

Motorized flour brush

Spraying humidifier

Winding rollers

Scraps recovery belt

Spreading belt

Dosing unit

Panning unit

Gausing device with flour dispenser

Movable guillottine

Double wire mesh disc humidifier with seeds spreader

How does it work?

Watch the video to find out how the Easymac production line works.

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Download our catalogue: inside you will find all our lines always updated. Discover the one that suits you best: did you know that all lines can be customized according to your needs?

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