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Lamination lines

INDUSTRIAL production line for puff pastry, yeast dough and danish pastry, able to satisfy all customer’s production requirements and it can be adaptable to any customer’s space need. Thanks to the modular units, every line can be realized in different construction types and can be extended at a later time in order to obtain a complete laminating system. The line control is made though a touch screen which ensures a simple application and recipes storage.

Production lines

Make up table for the ARTISAN production for any kind of dough. Maximum flexibility to match product and customer’s requirement thanks to the wide range of accessories. Control system with touch screen symbols to high ease of use.

Muffin lines

Designed to produce all size of muffins and cakes with chocolate or fruits bites inside. Possibility to inject chocolate, jam and cream. Topping solution systems can be added according to the needs of the customer.

Bread lines

Fully automatic line for dosing, filling and handling of bread.