Divider Rounder Bread Machine


Line suitable for the production of smooth and stamped Round Bread (like hamburger, baguette, hot dog and kaiser etc…)


Each machine can be customized according to the customer's needs.

Easy to use

The line is controlled and managed via an easy-to-use touch screen display, with storable recipes

Divider Rounder Bread Machine



Technical specifications

Machine suitable for the production of dough balls of a weight from 28 to 340 grams. The dough, loaded into the hopper of the Divider, is divided in pieces having the desired weight. Consequently the pieces fall into the drum and through its oscillatory movement, they become of a round shape. At the end of the rounding, the round bread pieces are conveying towards the intermediate proofing chamber through the outfeed belt conveyor.


  • machine “oil free”
  • touchscreen Siemens Simatic 9”
  • PLC Siemens S7 1500
  • Drive Siemens / SEW
  • Equipped with electric cabinet on board
  • Flour Duster with separate drive
  • Stainless Steel and alluminum framework
  • Plastic dough hopper – FDA rules

Row number34568910
Max weight per dough (g)340340340340200200200
Min weight per dough (g)28282828282828
Hits per minute50505050505050
Total pieces / hour9000120001500018000240002700030000
Max estimated production kg / hour3600408051006120480054006000

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Moulded bread matrix


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